​Gail Rubin, the Doyenne of Death®, visits Calvin Gee with Steps After Life at the 2022 National Funeral Directors Association convention expo in Baltimore, Maryland. The company helps the bereaved face after-death logistics, so you can save time, money and frustration.

Steps After Life gives bereaved families personalized guidance for funeral arrangements, estate settlements, and any other difficulties during your most challenging times. Learn more at https://stepsafterlife.com/.

Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist and The Doyenne of Death, attended and spoke at the NFDA convention on How a Before I Die Festival Can Fill Your Preneed Pipeline (view her presentation rehearsal at https://youtu.be/CMJePqN_DF4). She also interviewed exhibitors at this funeral industry event. Subscribe to this channel, @GailRubin, for more videos about death and funeral planning information – know before you go, shop before you drop!

You can download a free 10-page planning form to get your end-of-life information together from https://agoodgoodbye.com/. Find more information about the funeral industry at The Family Plot Blog: https://agoodgoodbye.com/the-family-p….

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